We prepare and conduct language proficiency testing,  assess and evaluate linguists, and help in the staffing process for such jobs.

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                                                                   French Translation 

                                           French Language Translation May Open Doors for You 

       French is an important language in many areas of the world, and a great deal of business is done in France.  French is a prominent language in Europe, parts of the Caribbean, and is also the second official language of Canada.  Therefore, while it's not as prevalent as say, Spanish or Arabic, French is still one of the world's major languages.  As such, you may come across corporate documents, personal documents, or transcriptions done in French.  Or, you might need to have documents translated into French.  If you know someone who speaks French, then your problem is solved; just pay them well for their service.  If you don't have that luxury, Arabic-English Translation Services can help you with French translation.

                                                             Experienced French Translation

       Don't let our name fool you.  Yes, our major emphasis is on translating the Arabic language into English and English to Arabic, but we also translate dozens of other languages, including French.  We have actual French speakers on hand, and they can offer all types of different services.  These are expert French translators, not people who took French in high school and think they know the language.  Resorting to using online translators or French translation programs will give a decent result, but not an optimum one.  There are nuances about the language a person will know that just can't be programmed into translation software.

                                                    Tap into the Lucrative French Business Market

       Does your website need translating?  Do you do a lot of business in France or Canada?  Do you need to evaluate someone on their French speaking ability in order to work abroad?  Are you working with people who are moving from a French-speaking country?  All of these situations require an experienced French translator.  You'll benefit from consulting Arabic-English Translation Services because we provide all of these services.  We translate websites, we can provide localized live French translation (the French spoken in France is a little different from the French spoken in Canada, after all), we administer French proficiency tests, and we help French-speakers with immigration documents.  If you need it done, we can do it.

                                                French Translation that is Quick and Easy for You

       We provide our clients with quick and easy French translation services, and they're very accurate.  If you've been using electronic means to translate your documents, you don't have to do that anymore.  Contact us for a quote, and translation services can be coming your way in no time at all.  Arabic-English Translation Services makes translation easy, quick and accurate..  Whether it's Arabic, French, or one of the dozens of other languages we translate on a daily basis, we speak your language—and the language of those you work with, too. For expedited service and a quick quote email your document to: president@arabictranslationservices.net  Please include your phone number. We will contact you when we receive your document.

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