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I Say: I Have Witnessed, Therefore, I Believe
The American people and the media, for that matter, seem to always find faults with their government.  They complain about everything and blame the government for every tiny problem.  They seem to be totally oblivious to the blessings God has showered this great country with.  Sometimes, I feel that the government spoils the people so much, that it almost chews the food for them before it hands it to them to swallow.  Living in the Middle East for many years and in India for a few years taught me to appreciate this government of ours. It has only been two months since our company, Arabic Translation Services began to pursue business 
Virginia governments are exerting to help small businesses get on their feet and furthermore, succeed.   

I am so amazed by the work of the SBA, the PTAP, SCORE, and many other agencies that seem to stay awake at night trying to come up with more programs to help small businesses.  If one takes the government on its many invitations for free one-on-one counseling, classes, conferences, grants and online courses, a business owner can get all the help he/she needs to succeed.  Today's Mark Warner's Procurement Conference was one of these efforts. 

The half day conference that was held at George Mason University was very well organized and well attended.  Representatives of several federal government agencies were available to provide guidance and assistance to the vendors, who went around collecting business cards and information. 

The highlights of the conference were the speeches given by Senator Mark Warner and former Congressman Tom Davis. Senator Warner and Congressman Davis' bipartisan efforts to revive the national economy and to help small businesses were clear in their speeches.  Both were very forceful in expressing their genuine desire to help small businesses and offered advice on how to obtain contracts.  They both showed genuine empathy and understanding.  

The speeches were followed by panel discussions. The first one was for the DoD in which the panelists discussed policies and expectations, and answered some questions.  The second panel was the Homeland Security panel, which also discussed doing business with the department and spoke of the new in-sourcing approach to contracting.  They provided insight on how to navigate the bureaucracy when working with their agencies. 

My Business Development Manager and I, returned to our office, with new ideas and more leads.  But we also left with the conviction that the government is there to help us, small businesses.  After all, we witnessed this for ourselves. 

Thank you Senator Warner for the initiative.  

Miranda (Conyers) Hirezi Mugnier
July 14, 2010
with the government, and I can already say, "I have witnessed, therefore, I believe."   I have witnessed with my own eyes the dedication and the genuine and innovative efforts, which both the Federal and the