Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc., Provides nationwide English to Pashto Translation, and Pashto to English Translation,  You can get expert help with Proposal translation, Website translation, and Contract translation. Plus transcription and desktop publishing in most languages, such as: Pashto Translation, German, Arabic, English, Spanish (European) Thai, Farsi, Spanish (Mexican) Indonesian, Dari, Urdu, Pashto, Chinese, French, Spanish (Latin American), Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and more.  Delivered to you nationwide.


  • Pashto Document Translation
  • Pashto Conference Interpreter
  • Pashto Desktop Publishing
  • Pashto Audio/Video Transcription
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Translation Proficiency Testing
  • Linguists Evaluation & Training
  • Medical and Legal Translation
  • Pashto Translation Telephone
  • Pashto Voice-over Talents
  • Pashto Website Translation 
  • Proposal Translation
  • Pashto Interpreter
  • Pashto Deposition Interpreter

Our goal is to make our nationwide language translation, quick service,
Pashto Website Translationprofessional translation, globally competitive prices, on-time delivery, and overall value reasons for your satisfaction.  

Afghanistan is the home of more than 40 languages with approximately 200 different dialects. Pashto is spoken in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pashto is one of the official languages of Afghanistan.

 We pride ourselves in delivering your  Pahto translation to you anywhere in the world on time, every time without sacrificing quality, confidentiality or precision. We translate most languages. We work with you to meet your deadline. 
You can email your documents that require Pashto translation to us for quick service. You can get English to Pashto translation or Pashto to English translation. Either way, just email your documents: 
Same Day Arabic Translation up to 500 Words Only $100 from the Recognized Authority in Arabic Translation
Same Day Translation
Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc. gives you innovative solutions and quick service for your immediate Pashto translation needs by providing you with quick 24 Hour service, Pashto to English translation and Professional English to Pashto translation by experts. Our expert Pashto translators, who have years of experience in diversified fields, and have been recognized worldwide, are online waiting for your job order.  Go to the Same Day  page to enter your order.  If you have any question or special instructions regarding your urgent translation, contact us at (202) 355-6382 (DC),  (703) 592-9039(VA),  (212) 560-5178(NYC)  For fastest service, please send your translation order before 10:00 am Eastern Time. We accept and deliver Global translation. Interpreters are available nationwide. Don't take chances. Expert Pashto translators make a difference. Try us. You'll like us. Put an expert Pashto Translator to work for you today. To get expedited service and a quick quote in all languages email your documents to:
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Serving Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, NYC, New York, MD. Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc. 

You can get quick service on:  Pashto Voice Over, Pashto Translation, plus Pashto Transcription, and Pashto Website Translation. We provide full service  translation services in all 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii with Translation Services You Can Trust. We can also deliver your translated documents worldwide in a timely manner. We have offices in Fairfax, Virginia, NYC, MD, Washington, DC, and Maryland and more locations.

  • Medical Interpreter
  • Corporate Branding Translation
  • Pashto Corporate Translation:
- Pashto Contract Translation 
- Annual Reports
- Pashto Technical Translation
- Pashto Website localization
- Employee handbooks 
- Labor law and much more.
  • Cultural Consultancy
  • Certified Documents Translation:
- Birth Certificates
- Power of Attorney
- Marriage and Divorce
- Court orders & arbitrations
- Legal proceedings
- Passports & more.

Pashto to English translation and English to Pashto translation services are not limited to those listed. Call for more information.

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