Project management is a key element in matching translation needs with the necessary expertise.  Our service includes:

  • Onsite project management
- Interview, test and hire linguists and editors
- Assist government contractors with their staffing
- Train linguists & editors
- Manage the operation
- Create a complete database and glossaries
- Prepare monthly and quarterly reports, and
  much more.

  • Offsite  project management
- After accepting a translation project, and
  understanding the client and project's
  requirements, we assign work to the
  linguists whose skills are the best fit for that                                project. 
- Provide total management of the project,
  including quality control, editing and
  submission of work in a timely manner.
Management & Consultation
•Power Point Presentations
•Manuals and booklets

We help our clients not only in translating material they deem necessary for foreign clients, such as training presentations, newsletters or user handbooks, but also in making these presentations look as good, if not better than the original newsletter or presentation.  This service is presently available only in English and Arabic. 
Desktop Publishing
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