Going beyond the call of duty
Arabic Translation Services
Same Day Arabic Translation-100% Guarantee
•Court and legal interpreting
•Phone interpreting
•Immigration and government agencies needs
•Escort interpreting

We offer Simultaneous, Consecutive and escort interpreting.   Please order two weeks in advance. 
Editing and Proofreading
Let our professional vernacular editors help you with your translated articles, reports and other documents.   Our experience has taught us the importance of having an editor who understands both the source and the target languages to ensure accuracy.

We also offer proofreading of the final product for an affordable rate. 
Audio-Video Transcription
Using the latest audio-video transcription equipment and foot pedals, our linguists will transcribe audios and videos and translate them into the targeted language.  Send us a request for a quote for the audio or video you have been wanting to transcribe and translate for a while.  
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•Document Translation
•Proposal Translation
•Website Translation & Localization
•Marketing Translation
•Legal Translation
•Medical Translation
•Financial Translation
Certified Translation of birth, marriage & other immigration required documents

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