Arabic Translation Services was first established in 2005 as a sole proprietorship in Fairfax, Virginia, until, in April, 2010,  the owner/president of the company, Mrs. Miranda Conyers, decided that it was time to respond to the growing market needs by adding more languages and incorporating the business. 

With the new structure, the company will continue to offer its entire range of translation and business services in Arabic but will also provide them in UrduPashtoFarsi,  DariPashtoIndonesianThai,  ChineseFrenchSpanish, Italian, Russian and more.  Its main goal is to win government contracts and add new corporate clients  to join in with them in their global war against terrorism and their promotion of human rights, international trade and global understanding.  

Because of our experience in the field, we are in a better position than many when it comes to screening linguists for their technical expertise, skills and computer literacy.  We are also more experienced than most in managing the product from start to finish.  Why? because, the president herself is a linguist by profession and knows the ins and outs of the art of translation.

We, at Arabic Translation Services. are excited about adding a new product by offering Same-Day Translation in Arabic, nationwide and worldwide. Now a client who needs a translation job the same day, due to its urgency, he/she can submit the job through our SameDay page, For a flat fee of $100  you can get up to 500 words translated by experts in Arabic. 
About Us 

Our Mission Statement

To  support the US government and other establishments in their fight against terrorism and their promotion of human rights and global understanding by providing them with professional,  reliable and high-quality translation services.

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My Personal Mission Statement:

To work each day, knowing that God is by my side.  To walk in my career path in faith, honesty, selflessness, integrity and genuine love for people; To set a good example for others, and stand up for the right.  To be a role model for  my clients, partners, staff members and other companies' executives, and show them how God's light shines through those who obey Him and do His will on earth.  

My prayer: Lord, always remind me that success, money and fame do not come to us, unless You willed it. Success comes from perseverance, but perseverance is a gift from You.  

Miranda Hirezi-Mugnier [Formerly Miranda Conyers]
President/Senior Translator

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