When you place an order for a valid certified translation with our company, you receive the following:

1.The certified English translation will be on the official company letterhead paper showing the name and address of  Arabic-English Translation Services, Inc.
2.The complete word for word translation of the original text formatted as closely as possible to the original text. 
3.An accuracy statement signed by the translator and notarized by a Notary Public. 

Unlike common belief, a translator or translation company in the United States, does not need to be certified in order to prepare a certified English translation.  Since these are always urgent requirements, AETS has created a special Same Day Service.  If a translation job is emailed or faxed to us before 10 am Eastern Time, we can deliver a scanned copy of it to the client the same day and mail it the same evening priority mail, or for an additional charge send it by courier or Federal Express. Translation services are available nationwide. 

For all  languages offered [Arabic-Udu-Farsi-Pashto-Dari-French-Spanish-Indonesian-Thai-Chinese], we charge $100 per 1-page certificate.  However, if you have two different certificates [say birth and marriage certificates] whose total number of words does not exceed 500, we can treat them as ONE Same Day order and charge you only $100 for both [Go to the Same Day page to submit order].  For additional certified copies, we charge you $15.  Please make sure to mention that you need additional copies and include the additional cost in your payment. 
You can order your translation without any delay by using your credit card online, securely and conveniently.  Go to our Same Day Page and place your order before 10:00 am Eastern time to receive the translation the same day.  Orders received after 10:00 am will be ready after 24 hours. 

For questions related to immigration, you must visit the official website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Click on the link banner below to go there:

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Certified translated documents are mostly needed for immigration purposes. Documents such as birth, marriage, divorce, death or graduation certificates aree always needed as part of the immigration process.  To be accepted by the authorities, such translation must be certified in accordance with the United States regulation 8 CFR 103.2 (b) (3) and by a professional translator or translation company.